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Meet Up Group? [Mar. 30th, 2008|01:44 pm]
Baltimore/Washington D.C. Transgendered Folk


Alright, so it turns out I suck at moderating LJ communities, but I'm going to try this again. For those of you who don't recall or may not have been around, we tried to schedule a meet-up about two years ago and nothing ever came of it.

So, instead of debating logistics, I've hereby scheduled our first "meeting" to take place at 8:00pm on Monday, April 7th at The Savory Café in Takoma Park. It's about a six-block walk from the Takoma Metro station and there is a bus stop there as well, although I can't recall the route number (12, maybe?). Do not be confused by the Savory restaurant just outside the metro station =-)

My goal is for this to be an all-inclusive group/safe space where we can discuss issues and whatnot, but can also have some fun. I think that after I see next week's turn out, I will start looking for places for outings and whatnot (parks, museums, etc. suggestions welcome).

I hope to see you there!