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looking for models for photography in baltimore/dc area - Baltimore/Washington D.C. Transgendered Folk [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Baltimore/Washington D.C. Transgendered Folk

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looking for models for photography in baltimore/dc area [Sep. 30th, 2008|09:15 am]
Baltimore/Washington D.C. Transgendered Folk
I'm looking for male-identified models from the baltimore/dc area for my junior seminar project.No names will be connected with the photos. Please let me know if you're interested; I'll gladly give you a print in return.

The photographs I'm shooting are similar to this image http://www.pdngallery.com/20years/editorial/images/16_mark_seliger.jpg , except that each person who models for me will be photographed separately.

If you don't want to model for me but know someone who might (trans or not, doesn't matter), please let them know. I'm trying to photograph a diverse group of men.

please contact me at jsphadnsmn at yahoo, if you're interested and we'll work out a schedule.

I am working on a project that deals with masculinity and maleness. My work comments on our society’s obsession with penis size, and the idea that you must have a penis in order to be male (or a penis of a certain length). It seems ironic that having a penis is the most important factor in maleness in a society where we are almost exclusively clothed.
This idea developed out of my frustration with monotonous photographs I have seen of transsexual people. They are either nudes, simply showing viewers what transsexual people look like without clothing, or photographs of transsexual people doing everyday activities.
I want my body of work not only to be about transsexual men, but male bodies in general. I want to portray the diversity of male bodies in a way that dignifies the model. I want my work to stand in contrast to old medical photographs of intersex people, who were photographed from the neck down, or with their eyes blacked out, to protect their anonymity. Doing this keeps the viewer from having to meet the gaze of the subject and allows them to examine the subject’s body without feeling that they are violating a person. These photographs continue cycles of shame and secrecy; without faces it is hard to empathize with images of bodies. I want to show people that viewers can relate to; full people who inhabit their bodies, not photographs without faces that remove their humanness.
The act of having my models cover their genitals removes the idea that one has to have a penis of a certain size in order to be male. With my images, I want to stress the similarities between men- transsexual and non-transsexual, instead of simply illustrating the differences between them, by showing varying genitals. I want to convey that all the models are male, and that without seeing their genitals, the viewer cannot tell which men are trans and which men are not. This project will increase viewers’ awareness of transsexual people and illustrate that it is not always- or even often- evident whether a person is transsexual or not. I also want to convey that simply because the viewer may not have known transsexual men does not mean that they do not exist, and that they may have known someone who was transsexual and simply weren’t aware of it.

Thanks for reading.