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baltiwash_trans's Journal

Baltimore/Washington D.C. Transgendered Folk
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This is a community for transgendered folk (and people who love them- friends, family, SO's...) of Baltimore/Washington D.C./ NoVA/surrounding areas. Everyone is welcome regardless of the direction of your transition!

We can schedule a few meetups, since it was recently discovered in another community that there is an amazing contingency of us in this area and it's always nice to make new friends. We can share stories about the town and share things we should know about being trans and living in the area. We can just talk and have fun. It's all the same to me.

The only rule I'm going to make is that we treat each other with respect and kindness, but that's mostly given.

Any questions? Email me (Nathen) at muzikmaker21 at livejournal dot com.